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Let SG Marketing show you how to think differently about commercial property marketing.

Commercial Property Databases

Commercial Property Databases – Design and Management

Accuracy in commercial property databases is essential if marketing is to be undertaken successfully. Our expertise in data handling and database design enables us to confidently offer strategic construction of the correct data for your commercial property marketing campaign.


Commercial property databasesEffective data requires constant restructuring and updating to maximise positive targeting of decision makers. SG Marketing are well aware that databases become outdated at an alarming rate. All the data that is collated is analysed to avoid repetition or duplication of entries. Information is updated regularly.

SG Marketing are also aware of the legal issues involved regarding usage of data, GDPR and compliance with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). To safeguard against unsolicited calls we actively filter to ensure all our data is compliant with CTPS and TPS regulations.

Rather than leaving the selection of your commercial property data to chance, let SG Marketing take the unexpected sting out of the tail.

Commercial Property Databases for Marketing

SG Marketing know that this is the root of good quality effective marketing and offer bespoke specialist commercial property databases for marketing property.  Our options include:

Bespoke Occupier Mailing Database Lists

Traditional lists providing named individual – best match to Property Director, for brochure mailing including company address, telephone number, employee size, company type – a flexible no nonsense approach, pre-checked by telephone to fully research and provide you with up to date data.

Bespoke Email Occupier Database Creation

Pre‐checked, verification and harvesting of correctly named individual ‐ best match to Property Director/Decision Maker.

Fully selectable commercial property databases through business types, company size, location and occupation needs.

National Occupier Database Lists

Ideal for the commercial property owner or agent who wants to maintain contact with a particular business sector. A commercial property database that provides you with key occupiers in a specific user area.  You will have the ability to regularly market your property and services knowing that you really are talking to the right people.


Commercial Property Marketing National Occupier Databases

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Why does SG Marketing offer bespoke commercial property databases specifically constructed for you and your company in your specific location?

Hits the Spot

Through telephone validation to every company, we check all the information. It’s that simple – the contact name, correct address, phone number, email address.  So, every time you make contact, be it through mail, email or telephone, you know you are seeking out the right person.

First Impressions Count

Make an impact with targeted delivery of information to the projected market and reinforce your message to your target market.  It matters.

Excellent Time Management

Through our bespoke research, you will minimize the wastage to the wrong person, wrong address, using clear and direct delivery.

More Bang for Your Buck

Once built, this list can be used for a variety of property marketing – emailing, mailing and telemarketing time and time again; all valuable marketing channels.