A Water Event organised by SG Marketing


Posted on February 21, 2020 · Posted in Blog

As part of our marketing delivery, we regularly provide corporate events on the Solent.  Brilliant fun as we ourselves are based in Lymington, a town that’s big on sailing with plenty of water-based facilities.  Clients can opt for yachts, kayaks or RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) and make the most of the cruising area between the Isle of Wight and the mainland enjoying anchorages and harbours such as Cowes, Beaulieu, Portsmouth and Yarmouth. 

On this one occasion I remember, the client entertained his guests on a very hot sunny day in the summer.  The group was split into teams and they were charged with undertaking a good old fashioned Treasure Hunt with plenty of cunning, skulduggery and humour required.

At the start of a full day, the first question that decided the winning team was posed: name as many songs as you can with references to water. And boy did one crew really go for it.  They had sheets and sheets of answers. Responses included Handel, Rihanna’s Umbrella, ella, ella, ella, Rod Stewart and the entire back catalogue of Wet, Wet, Wet, I seem to remember.

So, I decided to include the task as an ice breaker as part of our LinkedIn training that we provide to clients.  On training day people don’t really know what to expect.  Am I going to be writing down pages of notes, or can I just hit the snooze button and read email by stealth?

Setting an ice breaker is a great way to get some early interaction.  But this time I thought about asking the attendees to provide me with any song titles referencing marketing, however myself could only think of Three Little Piggies and not much else. 

So, instead I went for the subject of money, as this is the real reason we all undertake marketing.  That worked.  Now that I have busted my intro idea, what do you do to get communication moving at the start of an event?

If this has piqued your interest regarding any events, get in touch here with us at SG Marketing, or call us on 01590 674590. It all starts with a conversation.