Speak in a language we all understand

Marketing – speak in a language we all understand

Posted on March 2, 2020 · Posted in Blog

#Are you Reaching your Target Audience?

When people hear what I do, on occasion they reply that they are already marketing or “don’t try and tell me how to do it, I already know”.  A clear rebuttal to anything I might have to say.

To which I reply: I agree, you may be marketing but are you reaching your target audience, are you engaging with them?  Is your marketing just a continuation of what you have done before or have you reviewed what is happening in the marketing sphere recently?

There is a lot of change and it happens quickly, very quickly.  We can all be so busy doing that we don’t stop and sniff about to see if there is a different way to market that might be better.  Just imagine.

#Talk to me and not from your perspective

Sit back for a moment and reflect about what marketing you are doing, and why.  Does it reach the right audience?  Make sure you know where your target market is.  Are you concentrating on telling the world what it is you do, or are you seriously offering answers to their problems?

Flip the message and start providing solutions.  Put yourself in their position and then look at the marketing material you have to fully appreciate from your client’s perspective, what’s in it for me? Then you can start to imagine their journey towards your services.

If you don’t want to leave it to luck, haven’t the time, need some training on social media or are just interested in seeing what could be done differently, contact Caroline Mitchell of SG Marketing www.sgmarketing.co.uk now for an initial chat.

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