Chhose your marketing weapon well

Marketing: You don’t have a choice. It’s just a question of how well you do it

Posted on March 9, 2020 · Posted in Blog

There are many tools in the marketing munitions store right now and more in development that we don’t even know about.  For now though, you don’t need to embrace them all.  You just need to choose the right weapon and blast your message to your target audience.

Choose Your Weapon Carefully

You know the traditional marketing options.  The narrow choices on offer and yes, they are a safe choice.  Tried and tested, they work.  You place an ad and they will come.  With social media, however, embracing the world as a target can become overwhelming.  The sheer size of the market combined with the variety of social media options, the transient audience and information overload create confusion and uncertainty. 

Social media has delivered a fundamental shift in how we communicate.  But don’t forget, social media is after all a tool for communication, just part of your marketing weaponry.  To know which social media firearm is right for you to connect with your target audience is merely the first consideration.


The various types of marketing you can deploy, when combined, create a unique opportunity for you on social media. But to get the best results narrow your efforts.  Keep this point in mind as you may be shouting for no one to hear or engage with your story.  Where do you get the best marketing results?

If you don’t want to leave it to luck, haven’t the time, need some training on social media or are just interested in seeing what could be done differently, contact Caroline Mitchell of SG Marketing or 01590 674590 now for an initial chat.