The Big Benefits of Traditional Direct Mail (old)

Posted on December 4, 2018 · Posted in Blog

The Big Benefits of Traditional Direct Mail


Email versus traditional mail for marketing is always going to be a tricky debate as there are benefits to both, but as email marketing is maturing, we have seen resurgence towards traditional direct mail. Here are just some of the reasons why.


The Inbox is a very busy place and in this increasingly chaotic email environment. There are only moments to capture the reader’s attention and hold it long enough for them to open the document. Once deleted, your marketing opportunity is lost, but with traditional direct mail this is not the case.  You have much longer for the recipient to consider your marketing message and act accordingly.


Emailing is intrusive – it simply cannot be ignored, it’s there in our mailboxes and we have to do something with it, so it must be managed. And that creates an impact.  Right up there with automated telephone systems, we find it intrusive and it therefore may be that the marketing message is deleted or simply too fleeting for it even to be seen.



Traditional direct mail however is personal.  It too has to be handled and it simply cannot be ignored either, but with one big advantage in that being it is not seen as intrusive as emailing.  Still remaining personal, the recipient can touch and feel it and as the world becomes more digitalized, there is something stand out about traditional direct mail.


Traditional direct mail gives you more time to view, review, assess, pause, giving the message a chance to sink in and be retained.



With worries over spam and concerns over privacy, with viruses readily spread through email, traditional direct mail is trusted by the recipient.

Still targeted, still personal, traditional direct mail can push the key benefits and key message home.

The bottom line? Well-executed direct mail programmes can bring big benefits. Don’t give up on traditional direct mail. There may be opportunity for you in reaching B2B audiences through the relatively uncluttered environment of the traditional mailbox.

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