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Search Engine Optimization

Maximise high traffic for your websites and achieve top search results with our exceptional SEO advice service.

An entry in a UK service directory site may register as a “backlink” with Google however, this is not always the case, it basically depends upon the directory site in question. If your submission in the directory site does count, then you have a significant bonus as you will now have an important backlink. Best SEO advice is to take advantage of this traffic, SEO tools can check your keywords on your site to maximise visitors to your site; the more traffic the greater your site climbs up in the online search engines. We offer cheap SEO courses in our digitalstore if you want to do a bit of DIY SEO.

Website Audit, SEO courses and SEO tools

We help you professionally analyse and optimise your websites for best SEO ranking and show you how to get better customer engagement.

Analytical Report
We show you how to track your website’s progress easily and find your ranking with the detailed analytical report that is easy to understand and interpret using our SiteDoctor SEO tools. You can also by cheap SEO courses to do DIY SEO

Local Sites
We also have a number, (about 400 sites) with wide ranging content and interests, from industrial to recreational. These are not “content farms” but genuine local sites people visit for information and services.

Google and DIY SEO

Google’s Panda upgrade was launched in February 2011, the intention was to reduce sites with little or no content. A variety of sites were taken down in a program of strength by Google. However, the resulting legal action, meant that since then far fewer sites have been sanctioned. There is no doubt that the mystique of SEO has been broken, many people do DIY SEO, we offer SEO tools and basic SEO courses and SEO software are readily available in our digitalstore.

Site owners are afraid of offending Google so good SEO advice often tends to focus on UK directory site entries to increase a site’s position. We can submit your site to these to increase your ranking.



DIY SEO provide a wide range of services for your online marketing and website ranking needs. We cater to thousands of clients by providing SEO tools to analyse your site and SEO courses to attain high rankings and unrivalled results.


Reputation Management – DIY SEO

Boost your business online presence and reputation through the help of our expert online marketers and entrepreneurs or buy SEO courses for positive results to boost your business right away.


Social Media Optimization

Reach more potential clients through our expert social media savvy personnel, we will help you to connect to wider audience in your area or outside


Conversion Optimization

Increase your website’s customer engagement through the help of our experts and attain higher website visitor conversion rate by as much as 80% and more


Advanced Analytics

Easily track your website’s progress through our advanced and detailed analytics and report, take action appropriately to increase or maintain your website traffic and conversion

Local Search Optimization

Attract more local clients to your website and online pages by optimizing your page to be on top

Pay-Per-Click Management

Build campaigns and attain success fast and easy through our wide experience and expertise in pay per click advertising

Content Marketing

We help you provide relevant and valuable contents to your websites through our strategic online and offline marketing research

Social Media Management

Streamline your social media network pages to attract more local and relevant target audience for your website and business

Website Analytics

Get detailed website analytics to help you track your website visitors and numbers real-time to help formulate appropriate actions

Link Building

Acquire more relevant traffic and potential customers through proper, up-to-date and strategic link building techniques in the market

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