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Let SG Marketing show you how to think differently about commercial property marketing.



SG Marketing is a marketing, business development and sales support services company specialising in the property sector.

The services provided by SG Marketing are founded on over 20 years’ successful experience of working in commercial and residential property sectors by supplying a wide range of marketing and promotional solutions to achieve positive results for our extensive client base.

From assistance in devising sales and marketing strategies and plans, to the execution of these plans through tactical sales and marketing support activities, SG Marketing focuses on helping clients reach their chosen markets.

Why Use SG Marketing?

Caroline Mitchell has worked as a residential and commercial property agent herself and knows the daily problems faced in the property world.  Alongside her is a dedicated team of marketing professionals able to answer your marketing questions.  It all starts with a conversation, so contact us now.

Create more awareness in the general and specific target business community in the area and investigate the strength of current and future markets.

Tease out information.  By making it happen, the management team can work with prospects and new customers.

Provide a real return on investment through the delivery of the existing and future marketing effort for your company.

Encourage business activity and promote the business to the agreed database and general business contacts.

Our commercial property marketing services are:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brochure Design
  • Website Delivery
  • Social Media
  • Database Profiling
  • Direct and Digital Marketing
  • Pipeline Enquiry Telemarketing
  • Corporate and Property Events

We’ve been marketing all types of commercial property for over 20 years. We can use all of our experience to grow your business and provide you with a results driven approach that will be fully integrated into your own business plans.


For us, getting it right matters, so we deliver accuracy and precision by going the extra mile to grasp detail that others miss.


With quality as our backbone, we also bring you our enthusiasm and understanding which translate into vibrant, targeted campaigns to bring results and create high value business relationships.