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The Big Benefits of Traditional Direct Mail

Email versus traditional mail for marketing is always going to be a tricky debate as there are benefits to both, but as email marketing is maturing, we have seen resurgence towards traditional direct mail. Here are just some of the reasons why. Traditional direct mail leaves a lasting impression The Inbox is a very busy place...

Top 5 Property Marketing tips

5 Best Property Marketing Tips Validate that contact list. Of all the best property marketing tips, this is the route of total success or failure.  How old is the data?  In today’s world, the speed of degradation is very quick.  Truly, if this is not up to date, all use of it can be a...

Tips to manage your Marketing Distribution Lists

5 Tips to manage your Marketing Distribution Lists 1. Validate and Verify your Marketing Lists. If you do buy mailing lists for marketing, make sure you trust the list provider and the quality of the data provided. Or, if the data is to be refreshed and validated, again, check how this is being undertaken. And,...

5 Tips on How can you stand out from the rest

How can you stand out from the rest? Is the property world all looking a bit, well, samey these days? Are you going through the motions much as you have for some while now, only to just find that, well, that things don’t change much. Write out particulars, upload to website, board, mailing list. So,...

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