5 Tips on How can you stand out from the rest

July 9, 2013by SG Marketing

How can you stand out from the rest?

Is the property world all looking a bit, well, samey these days? Are you going through the motions much as you have for some while now, only to just find that, well, that things don’t change much. Write out particulars, upload to website, board, mailing list.

So, how can you differentiate one industrial unit from another? If it all feels a little stale, here are our five Free helpful tips that could make all the difference.

Think Again.

Are you really fired up to sell this property or are you just going through the motions and doing what you have done before. Look at the property with a fresh pair of eyes. Have you really seen all it has to offer? If you were looking for property, what would make you jump? Would it be not just the good access to the main road, but the fact that you can see the property from the road? Take a moment to think about this.

Rage Against the Machine.

Here at SG Marketing, we spend our lives talking to the occupier, the very people that live in the office or industrial unit you are marketing, and it’s interesting that while we find the job fascinating, there are a number of agents, who feel stuck at making a call to an applicant and leave the marketing up to the mailing, the board, the website or all three. Don’t forget, it all starts with a conversation and even making a few calls to your hottest applicants will be worthwhile. If you’re not talking to them, who is?

All you need to know.

Research the very life out of the building, the development, the M and E spec and the locality. It all matters. It’s this detail that your client is paying you to know and will build trust with the company viewing too. Yes, they will remember when they come to market their own property. So remember just how many parking spaces\000 sq.ft. of space there are and what is the service charge per sq.ft.

Again, please again.

You may have done everything that should be done and still the property won’t shift, there have been some viewings but nothing to really get excited about, even after offering incentives. A few months have passed and the client is probably thinking of changing the agents. What do you do? Well, without doubt you keep in touch with your client and emphasis how much you want to succeed for them on this one. Then, you start the marketing process all over again. Yes, in this market particularly as things change very quickly, company takeovers, staff changes and business is hungry for new work itself. Don’t forget, they have been battling through this economic situation for a while now and they have to adapt or fail. So, it may just be that the change is today. You will get a good snapshot of the current position by mailing or emailing the local business community again.

Expect the Unexpected.

When talking to occupiers it’s very easy to pigeon hole them and sector their requirements in too detailed a fashion. Don’t forget, office occupiers do look at industrial space and office users have need of either warehouse or shed accommodation. Be flexible and you won’t miss an opportunity.

And finally, don’t lose heart.

So easy in the market we find ourselves experiencing but there are still companies doing business, so get marketing and if you don’t have time, find an expert.

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