Month: March 2020

During this enforced period of isolation, what can business do?

Positives from all the negativity  Working From Home – don’t make this time a worthless period thinking that it’s fallow or valueless.   We may feel that the world is broken and our work has stopped.  But we can all remain productive and there are still opportunities for business development.  Here are some ideas to push...

Communication and Marketing in an uncertain world

Communication and marketing in an uncertain world is a skill. And that has to be learned and deployed.  The start of this week looks entirely different to last and I am sure that things will look different again at the beginning of tomorrow.  Business must continue despite these new challenges.  So, what do we do...

Marketing: You don’t have a choice.

Marketing: You don’t have a choice. There, we’ve said it. It’s just a question of how well you do it.You have a lot to think about.  There are many tools in the marketing munitions store right now and more in development that we don’t even know about.  For now though, you don’t need to embrace...

Make your marketing speak to me

Make your marketing speak to me.  When people hear what I do, on occasion they reply that they are already marketing or “don’t try and tell me how to do it, I already know”.  A clear rebuttal to anything I might have to say. To which I reply: I agree, you may be marketing but...

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