Communication and Marketing in an uncertain world

March 16, 2020by SG Marketing

Communication and marketing in an uncertain world is a skill. And that has to be learned and deployed.  The start of this week looks entirely different to last and I am sure that things will look different again at the beginning of tomorrow. 

Business must continue despite these new challenges.  So, what do we do to keep the wheels turning in these circumstances beyond all our control?

This can be difficult.  Your mind wanders to the classic big “I don’t know what is happening” moment and this derails your thought process for the business.  

To see your communications and marketing survive and even thrive when this happens, you need to pull yourself back to what can be done and focus hard on this.


Keep Calm and Carry On

To get this right when communication and marketing in an uncertain world, a sense of perspective is required.  Yes, it’s a crisis but we can still continue to talk to our client base with website, social media email and telephone.

Absolutely everything is under review but can be managed with good communication.  Despite uncertainty, use all the many tools that there are to contact your client base and keep them informed.

Explain what your plans are and how you are adapting as the situation changes.  This will take worry out the system for them and for you. 

At this time, you may want to review your current marketing and communications strategy.  It’s tempting to assume that everything is lost, but out of difficult situations come some surprising positive answers to problems.  A deep analysis at this very moment could provide an actual business opportunity.

Be clear in your messages, how you plan to structure your approach. 

Ask Caroline to review your social media campaign strategy here


Remain committed yet flexible

Business will be different for a while.  For example, working from home, hybrid working and continuing with a sense of positivity delivered balance.

Clearly, this style of work upended things but it was doable.  Without doubt, flex in a business process is needed and remaining committed can deliver. 

Social Media Campaign Strategy Framework

Your social media campaign strategy framework will need a review.
Think about:

Purpose  – be clear idea of how things have changed the strategy and how it will be implemented.

Background – describe the initiative and the ideal outcome to be achieved.

Objective(s) – all company communications should be in alignment with company objectives.  Note that communication is not an end in itself.  It should always guide broader objectives and reinforce a core vision or goals.

Target Audience – decide who is the strategy created for.  Remember to create a strategy for each target audience.

Messaging – create a robust communication strategy.  It’s crucial to understand what the target audience wants to hear and how they want to hear it.   Communications should rely on storytelling that incorporates an interesting narrative, compelling imagery or human interest.  Research is crucial in understand each audience and then crafting a story that is concise and relatable.

Approach – think about how the strategy will be implemented.  A business communicating a product recall may place tv or radio ads.  A business may conduct an external audit of internal operations if they want to increase investor confidence and transparency .

Timeline – how long have you got to get your strategy out?  Are you thinking of a two week sprint to move things or a longer period to grow brand and deliver strength in different conditions? 

SG Marketing is here to support you with webinar training, PR for the important messages to get through and general marketing advice in an uncertain world.

Contact Caroline Mitchell on 01590 674590 or for an initial chat.

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