During this enforced period of isolation, what can business do?

March 30, 2020by SG Marketing

Positives from all the negativity 

Working From Home – don’t make this time a worthless period thinking that it’s fallow or valueless.   We may feel that the world is broken and our work has stopped.  But we can all remain productive and there are still opportunities for business development.  Here are some ideas to push business forward and keep the wheels turning.

Training – On Social Media

There is lots of scope to upskill right now.  On-line, via webinar, 121 over the net.  Are your social media skills up to date.  Could you benefit from some management training, or learn better presentation styles.  This can be social too. All of it is possible right now.


Not commuting then, you will have time on your hands.  What are you going to do with it?  See this as a gift.  If you want to use it for work, you could do some research. New companies, people and business opportunities.  I bet when you start to create the list, you will find it just automatically grows.  Go explore…

Connect & Communicate

Go retro.  Get on that phone and make an outbound call to someone you don’t know. It’s called telemarketing and that really is something that won’t stop just because some of us are now WFH.

It all starts with a conversation.  We now all have a great ice breaker. A general topic of conversation to chat about.  The conversation is a great way to see what problems are faced.  As soon as you have a problem, there is also an opportunity. 

We are all in this together doing what we can when we can.

SG Marketing is here to support you with webinar training, PR for the important messages to get through and general marketing advice in an uncertain world.

Contact Caroline Mitchell on 01590 674590 or www.sgmarketing.co.uk for an initial chat.

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