Market to make your target audience Stop, Look and Listen

July 9, 2013by SG Marketing

Tell the world your story

If there is one single thing I can predict in the marketing arena for 2020, it’s all about letting people hear and see your personal story.  Make it personal.  Marketing in all its glorious forms to make people Stop, Look, Listen. Tell the world your story. 

Let us know your vision

Let us hear your vision, your sense of humour, all that makes You You. You have valuable stories to share. Your passion for your work, your knowledge.  The uniqueness of your personal story.  The very reason why you’re doing the work you’re doing. Sharing this on LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, can help other people achieve their goals and ambitions.

Get your message out there

People don’t do business with business; they do business with people.  Getting your message out there is difficult.  We can get lost with the sheer dimension of marketing channels, the speed at which they work, the types of marketing we can use.

Be true to yourself

And, with so many ways of marketing, so many social platforms, we can become confused.  Trying to appeal to a lot of people, everyone, the world, we try and tackle the lot, all at once.  The best results however, come when we’re true to ourselves, clear on our message and lead other people to find us for what makes us unique and interesting.

Make them stop, look and listen

To make them stop, look and listen to your marketing message, engage with your potential market, develop a clear message for one or two key marketing channels to appeal to no more than 500–1,000 people who can make a difference to your business.  It’s not as huge as we all think.

Focus on the clear, simple message and ensure over time that you produce a variety of different types of content and create constantly.

And finally, social media likes to see a post that is clicked so the visitor stays on the platform.  The development of content that keeps us clicking – the Stop, Look, Listen – will deliver results.

Predictions are dangerous aren’t they.  We can get it so wrong.  But this I am sure of.  So, what is your message?

Contact me, Caroline Mitchell now

If you don’t want to leave it to luck, haven’t the time, need some training on social media or are interested in just seeing what could be done differently, contact Caroline Mitchell of SG Marketing now on 01590 674590 

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