How can I win business on Linkedin?

February 20, 2023by SG Marketing

Winning work on LinkedIn – the tiny shifts

Winning work on LinkedIn is a must for any business these days. There are tiny shifts that can make the difference to your strategy on LinkedIn and how to win business over the platform.  But first let’s be clear about why it matters.

Why winning at LinkedIn matters is quite simple.  It’s a waste of resources if there is plenty of content but no lead generation.  Resources are important and wasting time and money on any social media app without success is a missed opportunity.

We all use LinkedIn so knowing what works on the biggest B2B app to move the dial to change our habits from just creating content for contents sake to delivering content that talks to our target audience, nurtures their interest and delivers business.

Here are 4 reasons why LinkedIn matters in our marketing and lead to winning work on LinkedIn .

It is the premier business social media app.
It’s big.

82% of b2b marketers report finding the greatest success on LinkedIn. It works.

LinkedIn has 849 + million users worldwide.  Be where your target market is.

Over 46% of all social media traffic to company websites comes from LinkedIn. Your lead generation funnel is waiting for you to work the system.

How to win work on LinkedIn

Have a strategy

Over 60% of businesses do not deploy a strategy as to how, what or when they post.  As winning work on LinkedIn is a must for any business these days, this must be addressed.  And fast.

Create a content plan.  What are you going to say, who do you want to talk to and be clear about your targets.  Giving the whole process a structure will help you flesh out the planning, creating and publishing content that is relevant and valuable to your specific audience.

And engage your home team.  Employees are 14% more likely to promote their own business content.  And this is a powerful part of your content plan.




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