Customer Insights for Linkedin

February 22, 2023by SG Marketing

Customer Insights for LinkedIn

Customer Insights is a strong sticky data trail that we all provide companies with as we manoeuvre through LinkedIn.  What we like, engage with and share has a direct link to marketing undertaken taken within the app by any business.
Research into what works, what doesn’t, the timing of posts, the type of content used.  All of this creates insights into why and how customers interact with our brand.

Tracking this client behaviour over LinkedIn is invaluable to our businesses.  Customer insight data is the kryptonite on which you will base your future marketing strategy.

But how?

Track Client Behaviour in LinkedIn

How can we track client behaviour in LinkedIn and turn this information into Customer Insight data to deliver better marketing?

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.  Understanding this will provide impetus as to how this powerful networking app can be harnessed for our benefit.  In addition we need to be working well in the space where over 830 m business professionals are active, be seen and network successfully.

We must collate this fact based detail over time.  This will give you clear insight into how your customers behave on LinkedIn, what choices they make and how we can punch higher than your competition.  Equally important, you need to project your services and products and get your messaging offering the answers they need now is the purpose of your approach.

In a word, the analytics that LinkedIn provides its company and individual users has changed.  Learn what these elements provide you and how to interpret this information.  Going forward, use this hard fact based data will give you greater leverage on the social media platform.

Invest in your brand and your own future.  Being seen and being relevant are two critical elements of social media marketing.  It’s not just a question of delivering content for contents sake.

Remember, your worst marketing decision is your best learning tool.


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