How to Win at Social Media Marketing

February 20, 2023by SG Marketing

How to Win at Social Media Marketing

How to win at social media marketing is a serious aspect to your overall marketing strategy.  Social media marketing is a complex beast.  But understanding what social media marketing does for your business and lead generation into the company will give you a winning edge.

Brand awareness to win at Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness is all about getting over personality and values first and getting the brand into public view as an authentic message, its not just firing out promotional messages.  To win at social media marketing your brand has to stand out.  Your messaging must be clear.

Generate leads and sales

Irrespective of whether a purchase is online, in store or direct from the manufacturer social media lets you provide a pathway for a purchase. Purchases don’t happen by chance and alerting customers to new products and promotions is a key part of the sale. There is also the option to match a product catalogue with the social media profile, often quite accurately.

Grow your brand’s audience to win at Social Media Marketing

Every new follower is an opportunity to introduce your brand to new customers.

Its also about discovering conversations relating to the business and industry that are important. Checking social channels requires monitoring or listening for specific keywords or phrases and hashtags. Being aware of these conversations enables you to expand your core audience much faster.

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Boost community engagement

Social media is all about engagement, it is clearly beneficial to explore new ways to grab the attention of your followers and how to win at social media marketing.

Consumers want to see content that highlights a brand’s products, its services and personality but also those consumers keep a close eye on testimonials. Companies need to experiment with messaging and content and the brand needs to promote content and hashtags that are generated by the user?

Simply asking a question creates engagement between the customer and the brand. That engagement can lead to the customer recommending the brand and spreading brand awareness providing there is a reason to do so.

Drive traffic to your site

Sounds simple enough. If you’re critically focused on generating traffic to your website that become leads then social media can make it happen. So winning at social media marketing is going to provide a method. This could be promotional posts or social advertisements, monitoring conversions and URL clicks can greatly benefit the return of investment by social media.

Combinations of the above factors can help you better understand which networks are suitable for a particular product. Keep social media marketing strategies simple and avoid complicating it with excessive objectives that might be distracting. Identify one or two factors and get the team to focus on them.

Choose the right platform

It is critically important to remember different platforms attract different audiences.

Social media have demographics. These identifiers directly indicate which networks your brand should focus on and what types of content to present. These are some of the key considerations to consider for your social media marketing strategy in the 2020s.

  • Facebook and YouTube are both prime places for advertisements as their users are high value.
  • Around 60-70% of Facebook users engage in social media marketing and similarly 60-70% of Facebook marketers utilise the platform.
  • YouTube has similar engagement with 50% of Facebook users interacting with YouTube marketing and 35 % of marketers get involved with YouTube adverts.
  • Millennials and Gen Z age groups main social networks are Instagram and YouTube. They are looking for bold and exciting content.
  • Women make up more than 60% of Pinterest’s followers.
  • If you are looking for a well educated user then LinkedIn is the platform it is a hub for in-depth, industry-specific content. That might be more more specific than users on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Consumers in the US spend the most time on TikTok and about 75% of those followers feel a deep interaction which seems to be specific to connection with the brands they use  this seems to be specific to TikTok as opposed to other platforms.




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