Direct Marketing for LinkedIn

February 22, 2023by SG Marketing

LinkedIn for Direct Marketing

What part does direct marketing have to play in LinkedIn when building our brand.  On LinkedIn generating quality B2B leads for our businesses is the master plan.

Well direct marketing is an absolute killer action to master.  Zoning in on our personal profile to portray our most important business skills and experience to offer is just one direct marketing tactic to deploy.  Tell prospective customers about your company.  Explain what it is your business can do for them and how they will benefit from using you.

The Power of LinkedIn

We all want more leads.  Well LinkedIn is free and has the power to give.  In spades.  When you know that LinkedIn is responsible for a staggering 65% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites, you know that this has to be where we need to be driving our lead generation strategy.  LinkedIn is the primary B2B professional networking platform and outpaces Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Go direct into your prospects’ inbox with a clear but subtle with the approach.  Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable about this.  Build a connection and move towards helping your ideal customer.

Engage with Content Created by Others

Engage with content created by others.  It’s not just about standing there saying “here I am”.

If you wanted to chat up a partner, we all know that talking about ourselves is the biggest turn off, right?  Well, the same goes on LinkedIn.  Boring people into buying doesn’t work.  Never has.
Ask some questions about their business, their concerns right now.  This is direct but shows interest in them and we all like that.

Making strong connections in this way can establish brand awareness and direct followers to keep coming back for more of your knowledge and expertise.   Being a part of discussions about our professions and generally entering into online conversations on the platform is direct marketing but in a less shouty way than just saying “here I am”.

In conclusion, direct marketing for LinkedIn is an absolute winner and a true marketing skill that provides lead generation if you know what you’re doing.

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