UK property businesses are using social media marketing to smash growth targets out of the park – are you?

February 16, 2021by SG Marketing

Two months into 2021: Let’s continue to capitalise on this

Seedling growing into sunlight. Achieving growth through social media marketing needn't be complicated.

UK property is using social media to market and create growth. Two months into 2021, it’s the perfect time to assess whether your marketing strategy is giving you the expected ROI growth. Time to capitalise on social media marketing.

Your target market is using social media more than ever…

During the pandemic, it has been easy to let marketing take more of a backseat. The result? We have gone into a type of ‘survival mode,’ mainly focusing on the bottom line.

However, one area that has not taken a hit due to the virus is social media. It probably comes as no surprise that during the COVID-19 pandemic, use of social media increased exponentially.

This is where the possibility of a social media marketing strategy tailored for your business by a commercial property expert comes in.

So why aren’t you?

Social media marketing is the key to unlocking growth during the climb out of the COVID slump. Which is why our commercial property marketing experts have distilled the essence of each social media channel. This will give you a foundation upon which to base your social media marketing strategies.

“OK, so which platform should I use?”


LinkedIn emphasises professional life. You won’t see any clutter about your colleague’s birthday or your in-law’s new baby.

  • LinkedIn’s USP is its B2B application. It boasts 90 million members in senior positions, and 63 million of those are in key decision-making positions. The figures are also impressive for the younger generations. 87 million millennials are members of the site, of whom 11 million are in decision-making positions.

  • Need to reach out to individual prospective clients in a professional way? LinkedIn. Want to browse through potential candidates in your sector without having to create a job listing? LinkedIn.

  • However, just having an account doesn’t make you an expert. You have to learn to harness the power of LinkedIn.

  • And here’s the kicker: for many of us, harnessing LinkedIn won’t cost a penny. Our commercial property marketing experts have developed low-cost strategies that capitalise on the unpaid features of the site first. Then, we move onto premium features if necessary.

Facebook & Instagram

More than a quarter of the human race has signed up to Facebook. Instagram numbers aren’t far behind. They are impossible to ignore as tools for social media marketing. However, they aren’t not the be all and end all. For example:

  • Community & B2C marketing. Facebook’s ‘groups’ feature can be extraordinarily useful if you are trying to reach out to a particular section of people.

  • Visual content. Instagram’s interface is tailored for producing visual content such as pictures and videos. This can grab your target market’s attention.

  • However, both Facebook and Instagram lag significantly behind LinkedIn in B2B marketing. Most of their users use personal accounts and do not tend to mix their personal lives with their professional ones.

“So what?”

I hear you say. So, your growth results aren’t quite on par with your targets. So, the virus continues to disrupt and slow down the economy. How can we get back on track?

Efficient social media marketing. The kind that is tailored for your business. It exploits the unpaid features of social media to give you a better ROI on your marketing strategy.

To speak to our commercial property marketing expert, Caroline Mitchell, please get in contact with us.

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