5 Essential Tools to Market Property Now

November 3, 2022by SG Marketing
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5 Essential Tools to Market Property Now

We have 5 essential tools to market property now as the marketplace is changing for everyone, including property. WFH to not working from home to hybrid. Higher interest rates affecting levels of investment and companies exploring margins. Overall business is unclear about what lies ahead.

Let’s go back to basics as there is still a lot of potential to move things.  Here are our 5 essential tools to market property now.

How to do market well and win work.  Or put another way 5 marketing must haves in the real estate sector that get enquiries.

The focus is on marketing, so let’s get stuck in.

1 Plan

No 1 of the 5 Essential Tools to Marketing Property Now is to plan.  Real estate and property companies have a business plan but tend to scratch their heads when asked to show their marketing plan.

The marketing plan is the map that takes the team and the business forward.  It will set you up for success. You can then budget and get into the detail to win.  Planning is an absolute necessity if you want to win.


2 Be clear about your strategy

Who are you marketing to.  Many companies start with a short-term ambition to grab business wherever they can approach, to then filter down to a few strong key business streams.

Now is perhaps the moment to consider what is your main business sector and why.  But will it hold in the future?

Our long-term and short-term business ambitions are changing. Nothing stays the same so marketing the business must be revised too. 

For example, does expansion of a regional airport change your business outlook?  Is your local town seeking city status?  Or does HS2 mean things will alter in your region?

All of these examples are bound to change things.  To win, your marketing must change too.


3 Know who you want to target

Simple really.  Being focused on who is your target market will direct your marketing strategy and win you work. 

Thinking you need to go broad (see Point 2) rather than focusing on where you are likely to see the best return can seriously affect your profitability and success. 

And knowing who you’re targeting means you can develop a stronger marketing strategy that will give you success.

And when you pivot, keep the whole team in on this. 

4 Review your website and social media

Your online presence is hugely important and is there to get you a wider audience.  Many real estate and property companies see refreshing the content on their website as a proverbial pain. 

Content must be new and appealing to your market.
And shake the tree a bit.  Use something different – blog, news updates, statistics, vlog puts you ahead of the curve and your competition.

Remember this is about winning new business and being seen.

Social media output doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated but understanding that you need clear messaging delivered on a regular basis can have a strong impact on business development.

The content shouldn’t be boring.  Don’t just rely on what you have done before.  Inject some new ideas into the mix.

And also review what social media platforms you’re using.  Do you see action from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or all?
Learn more about how to win at social media here.


5 Networking in the room

Attend!  Seriously.  It matters.  There are so many real estate and property networking opportunities in your region.

These should be backed up with content on social media. 
Encourage the whole team to participate.  Show them how to network and then repeat the exercise.

We said five, but here are two bonus must haves that also can’t be ignored.


6 Respond to anything quickly

Online or in real life, if you’ve captured someone’s attention then hold it.  Respond to them with the info/details they need quickly.

You hold the reputation of your property business in that simple transaction.  You’ve been told.


7 Promote Brand Awareness

Your brand and how your market perceives you is an important part of any real estate marketing strategy.

You are looking to separate your business from the pack.  You will need to protect your brand and make it grow.

What now?
When was the last time you reviewed the marketing delivery and results?

If there was just one thing you take away from reading this, no matter what the marketing review delivers, you have two options.

Use this as a checklist and go it alone.  Be your own cavalry, embrace change and just get it done. 

Or seek professional help to give your business a serious commercial advantage and refuse to lose.

Either way, doing nothing with your marketing will seriously dent your chance of success.
You’re not here to wallow.  The point of any business is to crush it.

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