Build Your Business On Data

February 7, 2023by SG Marketing

Build your Business on Data

To build your business on data will provide you with the cornerstones that will bring your company the success you crave. Strong fact based SEO gives you the answers so that you can target your marketing spend.  With this in mind you will know where to spend your marketing £.

Strong Fact Based SEO

Search Engine Optimisation provides clear and detailed information on many issues about your website that most of us don’t get to think about on a daily basis.  But here at SG Marketing we do.

Know that SEO gives your website a ranking in search engines.  Put simply, if you haven’t addressed the ranking of your website, then it won’t be judged by Google or any search engine as worthy of being seen and certainly no where near page 1.

Of the many aspects that give your website visibility and therefore success in search engines items include, the speed of your site, how it’s seen on a mobile v desktop, its security.  And the big one most people know about, how it ranks organically.  All of these and more need to be properly assessed with the intention of giving you clear analysis to work with.

Fact Based Data

Above all invest in your business with analytical and diagnostic digital SEO facts that provide you with a clear understanding of what works online. And what doesn’t.  Nothing will provide with deeper clarity on how successful your website is than a full SEO report.

To build your business on data will give you a faster route to success.  And that success shouldn’t be based on intuition or a hunch.

Recognise why your website isn’t ranking.  And identify the importance of search marketing (SEO) in your marketing strategy.

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Reduce assumption- work from data

Improve your website layout and calls to action to generate business and build your business on fact based data.

A clear easy to follow pathway gives the user/your target market answers to their problems found by buying your services.  As a fresh customer or new user, is your website clear, easy to understand?  And does it deliver the answers your clients need?

Systemise lead generation to your website and use both your engaging social media and website to develop your business.


Dynamically engage with Social Media

What has Social Media got to do with strong fact based marketing?  Well, if your social media is well structured it will be become a vital element of your lead generation.  It will drive traffic to your website.

It needs to therefore be a strong part of your lead generation programme so that you receive the benefit of direct enquiries.  Your social media is traceable and accountable.  Again, fact based.  Every post should have a purpose.  It needs to be engaging, informative, educational and sometimes funny.

It must talk to target market and be up to date.

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