What is SEO?

February 13, 2023by SG Marketing

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about getting people to see you online and come to you.  In truth, inbound traffic is a magic weapon.  This beats them hunting you down in person and allows you to grow your business faster.  It’s all about making your website more visible and getting your website to rank highly in search engines.  To clarify, this is not Pay Per Click or PPC.  In actual fact this is organic ranking.

Firstly, strong SEO gives your website a powerful competitive edge. Because of SEO, your website receives more online traffic for your business. Simply put, you need good technical performance to your website, good performing backlinks and potent content to get it to rank higher in search engines.

Your full website should be optimized for SEO, images, content and body copy.  Success here hangs on full and strategic analysis to see what elements of your website work and what doesn’t.

Your website should be fully analysed against your competitors to see how their brand performs in search engines and why.

SEO should be undertaken regularly as things change very rapidly.

How does SEO work?

The search engines of which Google is the biggest work to provide information to their users.

Search engines work by

  • Crawling the internet to find new content, documents and web pages
  • Cataloguing content in massive databases and indexes
  • Ranking content on several factors

Given than search engines constantly review websites for content such as white papers, videos, pdfs, and blogs. They are cataloguing websites and any new content.

In order to achieve success ensuring your website is easily accessible by the crawlers and well organised with a good sitemap is just one of many elements that need to be constantly reviewed to give your website strong visibility in all the right areas.

But be warned.  Getting your website to rank in the search engines is only one element.  Your website then needs to be just what your target market want to hear about.  So in conclusion, it’s an interesting and sometimes difficult equation to address.

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