Transitioning to the next level

Posted on February 10, 2020 · Posted in Blog, Uncategorized

Let Marketing move you

What the hell has transitioning got to do with marketing I hear you cry?  Well don’t disappear just yet, let me explain.

And yes, he has some challenges ahead, but I know we can market Watchword Security into his key marketplace and transform his business.  Here at SG Marketing we will help Watchword Security transition to the next level.  We will be creating a marketing plan that will create leads and enquiries in his key target market.

I was with a client earlier today who has just gone full-time into his business.  He has been running the company alongside his full-time job.  More than that, he has married and gone full time into his business and even more than that, he has left a secure job in a different work sector, married and gone full time into his business. He’s busy.

He will be transferring his skills and experience honed as a soldier to provide a high-end security service to the property industry that will reduce risks and give companies 24hour peace of mind about their property, staff and goods.

His name is Mark Thomson and his company provides security to the property industry, be it in development or occupied.  See for yourself, contact him now on 07584 573 694 to see how Mark can deal with your security issues in an extraordinary way

If you are interested in taking the next step, contact me, Caroline Mitchell for an initial chat to see how we at SG Marketing can help you transform your business and transition your company to the next level.  My phone number is 01590 674590/07850 557071, email is and our website is