Post Brexit – Do you require a different marketing pitch?

July 14, 2016by SG Marketing

Post Brexit – Do you require a different marketing pitch, particularly when you need to speak to the Don Corleone?  The market place is changing so it’s a good question to ask ourselves.

Here at SG Marketing we help our clients target their marketing towards new and existing customers.  We get your messages in front of them to consistently speak in a way that helps that answers their problems.


Do you require a different marketing pitch?

Life in the world of commercial property isn’t quite as dangerous as seeking out THAT Don Corleone but the landscape has changed. But reaching your target market is still a key factor of marketing.  And you’d think it would be easy enough to reach the Don of commercial property or the correct decision-maker. However, we all know this isn’t always the case – so how?

On Sicily, selling fish to Don Corleone was a tricky business, an art you might say, but the simple Sicilian fisherman wasn’t so simple. He knew that the Don’s sidekicks would spend all day wondering if the Don wanted to buy the sardines.  Even if he liked sardines.

The fisherman wasn’t going to wait for the fish to rot, so he knew he had to go to the decision-maker. He also knew it wouldn’t be easy to reach the Don.  And he was also wise enough to know he needed advice from older and wiser fishermen – just as you need to today.

Let us just outline how you reach the very top, the decision-maker, with some wise words for fishing in post-Brexit commercial property waters. You have the idea or service that you think is just right for {insert the company name here}. So, you think you’ll make a quick enquiry of the MD or the Property Director, introduce yourself, obtain their personal email and send some details. Job done, right? Well, sorry to burst your balloon, but no.

There are quite a few processes to go through before you can pick up the phone, mail or email anyone. Here are our tips to reach the very top.

1. Research

Use excellent data to lead you to the Top, and if you don’t have this, do your research. You need to find the decision-maker’s name and job title. An obvious starting point is within your organisation and that detail could very well be somewhere on your company’s own CRM.  Or your colleagues could have that vital piece of information tucked away.

2. Knowledge

Prepare, prepare, prepare. I can’t stress this enough. Again, you would be surprised at precisely how much research is undertaken before we even hear a dialling tone. You too will need to undertake research prior to your call to find the decision-maker’s name, the business, style of business, locations. You really only have one chance so don’t blow it. You need to have knowledge. Essential knowledge fed by research, stored safely in your data and used to bring results.

3. Plan your approach

You will have a script with essential facts, but vary the outline of what you say or they will hear the scripted tone in your voice. Plan how you will approach them and how you may vary that approach depending on their response. Plan your answers to possible key objections.

4. Professionalism and empathy

Be courteous, patient and empathetic, whether this is the first person you speak to or the person you are passed to. Remember that they are just doing their job, and if you upset people who may well be willing to guide you to your required destination, you have taken a step backwards.

5. Go the Distance

Be real throughout the journey as our experience tells us it will require more than one call to reach the key decision-maker. You will travel down some blind alleys but you are building a rapport with individuals.

6. Remain Legal

In a world of No Names Policies, you think just finding the name is the difficult part. Well no, actually. There is a raft of legislation you have to adhere to before you approach any business or individual and this can have a very important bearing on success.

Visit the ICO, The Information Commissioner’s Office, the independent authority that oversees this marketing arena, “set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.”

And, there’s more Data Protection law in the pipeline, all affecting how we market and to whom, what processes we can use and what we cannot.

There is a great art in developing your telemarketing style and tactics. These Tips can be seen as a basis for you to hone your own path to the Don. So, post Brexit – you will require a different marketing pitch.  So, post Brexit you need to grab the opportunity. However, your time and expertise may be better used elsewhere.  In reality the best solution is to hand over to highly skilled telemarketing experts.

SG Marketing is a specialist commercial property marketing agency that provides a full range of marketing advice and services.  We work with property companies, institutions and agencies requiring data provision, telemarketing, email marketing, PR, event management and direct marketing.

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