What Can Property Marketing learn from FMCG Marketing, if anything?

October 10, 2019by SG Marketing

Tips that Property Marketing can learn from FMCG

FMCG stands for fast-moving consumer goods, which are basically goods that we buy a lot off with a fast turnover.

Property Marketing tends to move at a slower pace than FMCG Marketing but are there tips that property marketing can learn from marketing FMCG and if so, what?

Here at commercial property marketing experts, SG Marketing we are making the comparison to see what’s what.


First, let’s just say, marketing property follows the same marketing principals but moving the location of a business is a big ask and so property moves tend to be measured decisions rather than impulse purchases.  However, the marketing principles both sectors employ are very similar; Create Noise, Create Desire, Create a Sale. For property, it’s just not undertaken at speed.

But, if you feel you could benefit from some tips that your property marketing can learn from FMCG and your property marketing is a big sluggish right now, then here are some ideas we here at SG Marketing suggest.


Yes, you heard me.  Not to buy but to follow their lead.  They embrace the product fully and big up the benefits.  www.qvc.co.uk Be it a steam cleaner or a lipstick, they really do commit to the sale.  They stay on message, giving the viewer, or the potential purchaser, every detail.  They break down the price, provide you with ideas of why you need it and there is a big call to arms. And finally, they never stop.  They just keep going.


Obvious granted, but are you really pushing the product in the right way?  Could you do more to connect with your target market?  Do you think cleverly or just follow what you’ve done before?  Keep thinking about where your target market is and why should they be bothered if you aren’t?


If you are looking for tips that property marketing can learn from FMCG and are too busy to understand how or why you should be undertaking Linkedin Marketing/social media posts that deliver or interesting blog, then call me, Caroline Mitchell at SG Marketing www.sgmarketing.co.uk on 01590 674590/07850 557071 as we are here to make it happen.

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