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October 3, 2019by SG Marketing

Visual Content Marketing. 3 Hacks. 2 Whys and Several How Tos.

Our world is visual.  Images are everywhere in our lives and are an unbelievably increasing part of our marketing world too.  Clearly, they can lead a target audience to see luxury, value, experience and depth of knowledge amongst many other beliefs.

The image matters and exploiting this is becoming more critical in the success of any service industry marketing and/or property marketing strategy. 

Without a doubt, this is important to ensure your marketing programme wins. 

Generally, add visuals in your marketing delivery is prime real estate for property marketing. It’s just that simple.

So, if you’re not seeing the returns you believe your marketing deserves, then visual content should be something to reach for in your marketing toolbox.  Visual content marketing can up your game and get a better number of leads to your website.


Talk to the Soul

For sure, words are important, but the image can portray a lasting memory for the viewer. As opposed to TLDR.

For example, who can forget seeing Neil Armstrong walk on the moon or the images from the Climate Strike?

Images can say it differently, grab attention and talk to the soul.  Use visual images, make your audience engage with your message and act.

TLDR? Too Long Didn’t Read.  If the words are too heavy or long, we are easily diverted.  To say nothing of the fact we are short on time.  We need visual content in our lives if you are to win the marketing game.  How are you going to get your message across, let alone your target market to take action?


#Hack 1 – Shake up the Pack

Say hello to Visual Content.  Shake up the pack with a different look to content property marketing and keep variety in the front of your mind.  In short, don’t be average. 

In order to keep your brand out in front of the rest of the pack.  But if you’re still using the same type of content and the same style too, then rewards for your efforts will reduce.  This will happen in terms of responses from your target audience and the responses you receive from social media apps too.  Freshness, diversity, uniqueness and humour all have a part to play.  


#Hack 2 – Make Some Noise

Here are a few of the proven types of visual content that will refresh your property marketing, reach your target market, drive more traffic to your website, improve profit and engage with your customers in a way that will work.

• Videos – big
• Images —cartoons, illustrations through to photography
• Infographics
• Charts
• Calls-to-action (CTAs)
• Quote cards
• Charts—of every type, from data visualisations to graphical data
• Screenshots
• Tutorials and QA visuals

And that list is not exhaustive.  The variety is everchanging.  


#Hack 3 – Keep Going

Because this has importance, a deep review of where you currently stand is a healthy starting point.  But if you are to refine and refresh your approach, then keep going. 

To clarify, the transformation that visual content can make to your marketing delivery is not going to move the dial overnight. Nonetheless the change of mind set, not just a change of delivery for a short term fix will give you results.  Keep going and remain focused.  In fact you will see results but this has to be a consistent approach.  

Still don’t believe me?

Well, here’s a quick resume of a survey, visual of course, from Social Media Today that should cement your decision.  It provides results from 500 marketers and how they used visual content last year.

Have a lasting relationship with visual content marketing

Call me now,  Caroline Mitchell on 07850 557071 to see how SG Marketing can develop your visual content marketing.

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