One thing most social media users don’t do right

July 22, 2020by SG Marketing

One thing most social media uses don’t do right

One thing most social media uses don’t do right?  We all get it wrong somewhere.  But do we know exactly where and can it be put right and stay that way?

What’s Going On?

Do you ever have days like this ? You may be the greatest content writer in the world, but you are not that smiley face today. Your LinkedIn life is lonely. For some reason you are not having to fend off engagement, and not winning those hoped-for leads.

And yet your content is relevant, intelligent and distinctly now.

So what has gone wrong?

Well, you need to promote your content.

How are you going to achieve this? Your many connections are the people to go to, of course. And all the different types of connection have a part to play.


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Where to go

So, the one thing most social media uses don’t do right, but you can succeed at are here:

Work Colleagues
Firstly, your work colleagues. Take a look at the list of those people past and present in your organisation. It would be great every so often to make contact with them about a particular post on LinkedIn. You could share a subject of special interest to them and draw them in, giving them the opportunity to engage and help promote your content. Make them fully aware that your post is out there.

Suppliers and other business contacts
Then there are people you regularly connect with in business, for example suppliers. Don’t forget that something of mutual interest you share with them is likely to strike a chord with their connections too. Again, give them that opportunity to interact and spread the word about your post.

Social Proof
Recommendation is a vital source of promotion. Request a previous client for their recommendation and explain why. You could send them a link to write a comment on your LinkedIn post. A positive and detailed reaction from them is something again that will promote your content.

Loyal Top Team
Probably your top team of contacts will be those loyal connections with whom you historically and regularly share and engage. People you may even have helped with a problem. These are people with whom you have built strong relationships.

People love to have their opinion sought, so your top team are the ideal connections to aim a question at. If your post features a subject that lies in their field of expertise, surely they can’t resist your invitation. “Would really appreciate your thoughts on this.”

You may glean a response from the kind of person who is an expert in your field, maybe an influencer and their followers will all get to view your content. Endless opportunities…


Don’t stop…

If you’ve put in the time and work promoting your content, you should hopefully turn that frown upside down ?

So, don’t stop at that initial content creation. Don’t waste it. Do this one thing right, promote your content. Achieve your expectations.

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