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February 8, 2023by SG Marketing

The Art of SEO Content Optimisation

SEO content optimisation is one of the most difficult concepts to appreciate.  When writing for a website is that perfectly written content with a variety of synonyms embedded in well written prose that Google and other search engines are looking for.  As well as diverse vocabulary the piece can end up actually being borderline useless when featuring on an Internet website.
The reader may see it but will not derive any business benefit from doing so.

It seems completely contradictory doesn’t it.  But a piece of writing that would get critical literary acclaim will not do the job of informing Google of its intended purpose on a digital platform.  And it won’t make sense to a human either.

How on earth could this happen?  The creation of such creative writing would have such a small impact on its readers.
The fact is that the content written on the website has to be both found and identified by Google, or any of the most used search engines.

To understand this we need to understand that Google does it searches by looking for patterns of repeated words. It is from that repetition and the subject of those words that Google works out what the website subject is all about.  Furthermore, how important the focus of the topic is by doing a simple count of those repeated words.

Keywords are important

Logically then one might think that repeating this words, also called keywords to excess might enhance the chances of being ranked highly. Google has however, learned to seek out those trying to cheat the system.  So correctly optimised content will have enough keyword density to trigger the search engines interest but not too many to incur a Google penalty.

It’s tricky.  Not quite a dark art but subtle and sophisticated.
As a result there are a whole range of SEO content tools for optimisation.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a balance between a piece of writing that is interesting readable.  But also one which is informative to Google and the other search engines in relation to the overall content of the article.

When this is achieved then the SEO content optimisation is complete. Hooray, I hear you shout.  But it’s a rare skill that the writer possesses when they can meet both aims in the same piece of writing. For a bit of fun try and identify the keywords that this article is optimised for.

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