Strategic Link Building

February 8, 2023by SG Marketing

Strategic Link Building

Strategic link building is one of the most important factors in ranking on search engines. The Internet is made up of literally millions of websites all with different content.  Your website needs to be linked to the many other websites if it is to rank.  In order to connect with these websites you have to have a link to them.  By building these links and connecting websites together that enables the content of these websites to be compared.

Google spends its time looking at these websites and deciding which ones are in a particular subject area and how good they are.  Therefore strategic link building matters.

It then assesses those websites and gives them a rank when a website with a lower rank is allowed access to a website with a higher rank Google notices and will promote the inferior website in its ranking.

In business use therefore the aim is to achieve as higher rank as possible.  Part of this can be to build links to websites that are credible and have authority. This is called a link building strategy. Strategic link building is one of the most important factors in ranking on search engines.

Be aware, this isn’t the only way that a website can get itself noticed.  But it is one of the three major ranking factors on Google so making these links also called back links is important.

The actual process by which Google links websites is unclear and nobody really knows but since Google has been in existence for some considerable time now 24 years we have a pretty good idea of what makes a good link.

Link Building and Website Authority


We have already identified that Google sees links as effectively votes for a given page. Google has denied that there is any sort of website authority metric unit system but it’s pretty clear that although we don’t know the details of the Google algorithm we do know that it has a hierarchy.

  • Link Authority
  • Link Relevance
  • Anchor text
  • Types of Link Nofollow vs. follow
  • Placement
  • Destination

One of the basic rules of forming a link from one page to another is that the page you were linking to has good authority so the golden rule is always link to good content

What becomes obvious is that in order for your pages to be filed and for you to find pages with good authority that there has to be a system of discovering those pages.

There are three ways that your content can get seen by other websites.

  • Through influencers and website communities
  • Through advertising
  • By growing an audience to your website


We’ve only scratched the surface of how link building strategy works. So if you want to dig deeper, make sure to get in touch with SG Marketing for a full review of your website links and how to generate new ones.

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