Build a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy – Here’s how

February 20, 2023by SG Marketing

To build a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy, content for contents sake isn’t going to win the game.  A clear strategy needs to be created with targets, otherwise you wont know what your goals are and if you have achieved them.  So, let’s set out exactly what you need to do to build your successful LinkedIn marketing strategy and win business.


1. Set your Goals For a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Your LinkedIn strategy should have purpose and be clear. Staying on message will be important, so don’t get confused and just repeat what it is you do.  No one will be listening.

The goals will remove the aimless approach to your marketing on the platform.  Each piece of content must earn its right to be posted.

Internal targets will keep the whole business team accountable.  Content has to jump through the “so what?” hoop and land perfectly.  Every time.

The business will be more committed to succeed if the business targets are clear, real, achievable and understood by everyone internally.  Clear messaging will build your brand much more quickly to achieve marketing success.


2.  Research your target audience

The definition of your target audience will be at the heart of any LinkedIn marketing strategy you devise.  You need to be talking to those that matter most to your business.  What does your client base do?  Who are they, big, independent, international?  Do they visit LinkedIn regularly, use it as a research resource or promote themselves well?  Are they the decision makers?

Digging here can reveal a lot about how you direct your messaging.  So, research your target audience.  And it may mean going back to basics and researching some fundamentals about your client base and your targets.

Remember there will be different business personas for different parts of the business.


3. List topics that you need to post about

By matching what you want to say with your target audience will let you flesh out your strategy.  This is not about giving content that talks endlessly about you.

Two big categories for topics will be:

  • Providing information that your target wants to know about
  • Your field of expertise

And never ever guess at what to write.  Every single piece of content should be sweating its existence.  It needs to earn it’s keep.  It should never a disconnected random piece but part of the overall strategy that presents you to your ideal clients.


4. Create content to build on LinkedIn

Linkedin is not the home of silly memes that make you laugh for 5 seconds and you move on.
The single largest worldwide b2b app is a friendly positive space that is jam packed with content of interest to business at large.

Create content that fits within and matches this vibe.  Straying from this will alienate your target and existing client base.  But use the breadth of the app to add variety to your content.  You can now upload video, create carousels, go live, upload blogs, images, tag clients or colleagues.

Learn more about how to work LinkedIn to drive lead generation

There is plenty of scope to be unique and interesting.  But remember, one quick post every week isn’t going to move the dial.  Read the room, be creative but understand the unique flavour that is LinkedIn.

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