February 20, 2023by SG Marketing

Social Media LinkedIn Training

For those that want to go it alone we can provide social media LinkedIn training so you can undertake all your own content and social media output.  We will teach you the skills to win at LinkedIn.

Acing social media marketing doesn’t have to be painful, long winded or only for geeks.

If we told you that harnessing the power of LinkedIn can find you more clients and win work, it will only take you 2 hours to learn and after that you commit no more time out of your working day than you currently do, you wouldn’t walk away would you?

Well, it’s true.

Our training will provide you with social media skills

Social Media LinkedIn Training from SG Marketing will give you allow you to create your own content with confidence. You will learn how to:

Find new clients on LinkedIn without ever meeting them.
Get repeat and continued marketing  to work over the platform                                                                                                                        Confidently link, message and engage with new customers, industry leaders and suppliers                                                                                  Learn the mostly unknown hidden fundamentals to make your engagement powerful                                                                                                    Obtain the SG Marketing ultimate ebook: Nilz to Skillz on how to win at LinkedIn                                                                                                          Make LinkedIn a serious winning marketing funnel for your business                                                                                                                                  Receive a personal review of your Profile with at least 5 hints and hacks                                                                                                                            Get a copy of the SG Marketing ebook “Identify 15 ways to Improve your LinkedIn profile”                                                                                              Learn what hashtags do and the importance of using tagging correctly

We offer 121 in person training

Webinar Training

Training for your company in your office

Each SG Marketing LinkedIn Training class is tailored to you and/or your company needs

In conclusion, the LinkedIn algorithm plays a very large part in the success of your personal reach and success on the social media platform.
We all use LinkedIn.  So the importance of getting it right matters

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