Vital now tips to bulk up your business leads

Posted on August 3, 2020 · Posted in Blog

Now is the time to make the rest of the year a success and pinpoint your marketing priorities.

Bulking up lead generation for the rest of the year is a must.

So, I want to help lift the lid on how to purchase a database to drive your B2B marketing campaigns to the top.

Why you need a strong marketing database

It’s the backbone of your outbound marketing.

No business can survive without it. Be it for an email campaign, promoting an event or hard copy marketing material, it’s a strong source of leads for your business.

The method to let your would-be customers know you are here and be able to answer their problems.

You can drip feed marketing material to them – infographics, blog, quick one-time-only offers.
You get the picture.

Ask, Ask, Ask

Before you think about size, you need to consider your Ideal Client.

Have a clear picture in your mind. Who they are. What they do and Where they are. This will mean that the database you purchase will allow you to get a higher conversion rate and faster results and give you a
greater ROI.

Due Diligence from the Get-Go

Are you buying compliant data?

This is a must. Your business integrity hangs on the marketing data being compliant with GDPR regs.

Is the data regularly updated?

Will it include an email? And how many of those will be personal?

What file format will you supply the data in?

Do your research well to find the best database suppliers. Ask questions to make sure they are supplying the most up to date and highest quality data possible.

Tempted to Wing it and go DIY?

Having plenty of in-house email isn’t a green light to marketing database creation these days. Fact. 

Tool Up to Win

Once purchased. Use the data. Target your prospects with your value proposition.

Build relationships. Ask questions. And plump up your business leads.

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