August 1, 2018by SG Marketing

Getting commercial property email marketing right in a post GDPR world is difficult.  Even though email marketing still remains the go-to marketing tool for the commercial property market.  Converting them into a deal is essential so you don’t just reach the occupier but engage with them too.


So, how do I reach the commercial property occupier?  Well, let me help you to ensure your commercial property emails are not only read, but acted on.


Below are some key commercial property email marketing strategies that as a specialist marketer in the commercial property sector I have identified are worth employing.  Use these tactics to obtain better response rates, click throughs and phone calls when constructing a commercial property marketing email.



The Subject Line Matters – Get it Right and your Commercial Property Email Marketing will Win


Get this right and everything else follows.  Get this wrong and it really doesn’t matter how natty and sparky the body of the email is, no one is going to read it.


The commercial property arena is no different to any other business sector. A sensible business style that is on topic will add to your success rate.  Avoid wordy and lengthy delivery as this doesn’t work.  And whilst we’re here, avoid using unnecessary punctuation!!!!! It’s a killer and the quickest way to ensure your email heads to Junk Mail.  Keep the heading crisp and succinct and you will see results.



Sending the Email at the Right Time – Post the Email So It’s Read


Sending your well crafted commercial property email at the wrong time spells disaster. An already crowded Inbox again reduces the chance of your email being read.  Recipients are too busy and just cannot spare the time.


Remember work/life patterns vary enormously and we are all reading email all the time: weekends, late into the evening and first thing in the morning.  Consider the weekends.  Reading email backlog is often done at this time and by sending an email during the weekend, you avoid the competition of a busy inbox between 9am and 6pm from Tuesday to Thursday.



Ensuring the Target List is Right – Segmentation of Your Database has Never Been So Important


Or to give it another heading, segmentation.  In a post GDPR world, size matters. Using a segmented database of businesses who will be genuinely interested in receiving this info will pay dividends.  Sending your commercial property email to the correct recipient is vital.  Gone are the days of splashing your proposition at everybody.  Recipients will unsubscribe very quickly as you are wasting their time.


Ask yourself, are the occupiers you have in the list the right organisation type?  Are they in the right location and, an absolute must, do I have the correct individual?  If you cannot answer these with an honest yes, then you need to review what you are doing.



What’s Your Follow Up Strategy? – How to Achieve Commercial Property Email Marketing Success


Just sending the email won’t let or sell property.  Remember, it will create a lead and interest.  But to convert it you will need to follow up your commercial property email.


The email may have been buried in a busy Inbox, deleted or simply gone to Junk.  So decide whether to send another email to those recipients who didn’t open, or will you follow up with an outbound telemarketing call?


It’s easy to feel that continuing is simply not worth it and give up. You will be hunting in the right pool of prospects if you have the right occupier database.  And tracking your results helps the automation of the second and third emails.  Tracking and reporting will also allow you to see what’s working, how it works and why.


Conclusion – What Do I Do Now?


I have seen the power of commercial property email marketing at work and I want you to see it too. Have a look at my article on commercial property email marketing for further information.  Contact me Caroline Mitchell on 07850 557071 now to discuss the positive impact email marketing can have on your business and how we at SG Marketing can help you achieve your business marketing goals.


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