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Let SG Marketing show you how to think differently about commercial property marketing.

Commercial Property Email Marketing

If you are considering a commercial property email marketing campaign then you very quickly realise it’s not just a case of emailing a set of prospects. The first thing to consider is have you got the right property database?  SG Marketing can provide bespoke commercial property databases that are accurate, up to date and clean, to get the message to the right people.

Commercial Property Email Marketing – Adaptable and Flexible

commercial property email marketingSG Marketing are experts in email marketing. Incorporating existing contacts and adding new subscribers happens daily as we increase our networking. This means the database develops a life and quickly becomes a unique and targeted tool to advance your business.

SG Marketing provide you with all the feedback you need to maximise existing campaigns and plan for a new ones, with results on how many emails are opened, clicked on or unsubscribed from. Results are tracked from Google Analytics and enable you to accurately assess your return on investment (ROI).

Time critical campaigns require efficient response.  SG Marketing have the resources to respond.  We give polite personalised service.

Professional and Stylish Email Presentation

SG Marketing realise it’s attention to detail that counts. One of the first things that recipients look at is where the email comes from – the company, the worldwide location, they all matter. SG Marketing can work with your company branding to customise the email address. The received email could be read on a wide range of devices nowadays – desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles. Whatever it is read on, our email templates automatically adapt. Coping with different browsers and devices is second nature to SG Marketing and it ensures a clear, concise read, with layout colour and branding all accounted for.

Commercial Property Email Marketing – Handling Results

Inevitably in business some companies get taken over, change name, retire from trading or simply don’t make it. We handle the bounced emails and unsubscribers for you and plan to get the best possible results from your budget.

SG Marketing quickly realised that by using autoresponders to thoughtfully target recipients on the database with a series of modified messages, whilst at the same time imparting free useful information, builds an email loyalty.  We realise that it can take 10 or more attempts before a response is achieved. Polite, subtle and steady persuasion leads to results.

Commercial Property Email Marketing – Social Media

We can ensure that social media integration leads to emails being shared on platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook easily to make sure every avenue is pursued. SG Marketing are always looking for the next opportunity to get the best results for you.

Commercial Property Email Marketing – GDPR and CTPS

Consent is the name of the game. No one likes have things forced upon them and modern businesses now consider even a repeated text as spamming.  If you embark on a commercial property email marketing campaign you want to know you are not aggravating the very clients you want to engage with. SG Marketing are fully up to date with current legislation to ensure that no one receives financial penalties. In fact many of our clients cite this as a major reason for engaging.