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December 4, 2018by SG Marketing

How can you monetise social media and stop making white noise?

Content Marketing has evolved and is key to business and an integral part of marketing today.  Having a worth of a whopping $44 billion and growing.  Content is widely viewed as a top priority by at least 39% of client-side marketers.  So, clearly Content Marketing is seen as a marketing essential.


It matters, and I think it’s safe to assume that you are probably having a conversation around content, how to create it and what to do with it. And if you’re not, you should.


I saw a client a while back and he wasn’t sure he needed to outsource his Content Marketing delivery.  He said he had the time in-house to dedicate to this area.  And this got me thinking.  He is already active on social media, quite successfully I might add.


But I was asking him to up his game.  Will he get by with his current policy? Yes, of course, but I was thinking more about content and how it could help grow his business. To use content to differentiate him from the rest of the crowd and allow him to make money.


But, ask yourself is all the social media activity you are creating just that and nothing more?   Do you have a strategy of how to use it to obtain more clients?  Are you playing it right or just making white noise that only your peers see?


So, I am using this blog to offer some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Content Marketing and its value to any business, particularly a property related business.  First, we can all assume that commercial property is boring.  It’s only interesting to people who have a problem with it, those who are moving or those who work in property.  The rest of the world can be relied upon to pass the subject by.  Engagement is difficult but not impossible.  Content is the key.



How can I make Content Marketing bring in the business?

There is no one size fits all for Content Marketing via social media, but there are ways to harness this.  Consider how to embrace a bit of story-telling or advice.  Less blatant advertising in your Content Marketing and social media delivery.

Yes, social media is an important element of any marketing strategy. Serious business knows however that any potential customer is looking for brand familiarity and trustworthiness before buying any product or service.  Deliver professionalism and honesty in your strategy so that prospects can believe in the brand.

Social media is different to Content Marketing and this is key.  Content Marketing tends to be larger and more varied content, such as blog posts, infographics, e-books, webinars and white papers.  Social media however broadcasts the content and allows conversations to begin, develop and grow.

Closely connected, but not the same.


Does brand creation have anything to do with Content Marketing?

To protect and build your specific market knowledge in your subject area, you are in effect establishing yourself as the go to authority on the subject. So, yes, they are related.

“How a brand creates, delivers and governs original and curated content to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand as a credible expert and ultimately motivating a change in behaviour” is how Joe Pulizzi puts it in his book Get Content, Get Customers. Nuff said.


Is there a silver bullet?


Like anything, a Content Marketing programme begins and ends with consistency.

One try is not gonna do it, but if you can hack a delivery of intelligent, targeted, highly strategic on-message output over a prolonged period of time, then you have a chance.

No one can tell you how many times a prospect needs to see your message before pursuing it further, contacting and reaching out for your product/service.  By making the effort to engage with contacts will improve the likelihood of business.  The important issue is that you want to “touch” a consumer as many times as possible using a variety of content types.


I look forward to sharing more strategies and tools with you.  Contact me, Caroline Mitchell on 07850 557071 or email me now at    View more detail at to find out how I can help you build your social media marketing strategy.



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