Make Property Marketing Memorable Not Boring

April 23, 2019by SG Marketing

Make Property Marketing Memorable, Not Boring. In any service industry you need customers to see your offer.  But if your marketing is overstuffed with what you want your target to see rather than what your market needs, then you’re not going to achieve the level of success you crave.

SG Marketing helps teams to better understand their target so they can market smarter.  Here is our 5 step plan to make your property marketing memorable and therefore successful.



Exploring the backend of your marketing can give you great insight into what works and what doesnt.  It’s a much stronger reveal than guessing an opinion on what may happen in the future.

Who doesnt like being asked for their opinion.  We all do.  But while opinions can be insightful they can also be dangerous.

Additionally, we need to speak to the right people at the right time.  Not as easy as you think.  We often miss the mark in both instances. In light of this, our marketing is not as memorable as we believe.


Information is coming at us at an alarming speed, so how do property companies become newsworthy and memorable?  How do you embrace the negative and turn it into a positive and one that will market you and your instructions?

Here is our 5 step plan to make property marketing memorable not boring.  Interestingly, this works for any professional service business too. So listen up.

Make Property Marketing Memorable Not Boring – Our 5 step plan


Step 1 – Have a plan

Yes, we know why we are here, to grow the business but you’d be surprised how many companies we talk to who just do marketing. They don’t seem to have any idea other than, they should or everyone else is doing it. 

So, design a marketing plan and give yourselves the best possible chance of success.  By having a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you aim to get there you are more likely to win.  By building a plan, the whole team is clear about the ambitions and the purpose. Simple.

Step 2 – Be Part of Something Newsworthy

Assess what’s happening locally, regionally, nationally and internationally that affects your business right now.  Also consider what is due to happen; seminars, networking events, planning, developments and infrastructure changes. 

There are probably a host of things you already know about.  Harness them for your marketing and join in.

Step 3 – Tell us a bit about yourself

It’s you and the team that make your business different, so tell us about your charity work, that bicycle race in France, the team day litter picking.  It all helps build relationships.

Step 4 – Cash in on Viral Trends

Rather than simply broadcast about the new piece of work you have just won, think about what is trending at the moment and that could be anything from cakes to tax.  Diverse yes, but think about how to exploit this to market your business.  Don’t forget hashtags #throwback Thursday or #feelgood Friday and give the world a different story of what is happening in your business. And participate in the conversation. Not just the ordinary.

Step 5 – Eat. Sleep. Market. Repeat

Invest in marketing and invest in your on line content. It’s a constant.  Typically, it takes about 7 times for a consumer to see your brand, logo or business asset before they trust you enough to give you their info or take the action you want them to.  Keep going.  Keep investing in your marketing strategy.


In conclusion, you may deal with real estate all day, but now is the time to concentrate on your digital real estate.  Get busy creating your marketing plan, delivering content and on line trustworthiness for your business.  If you want to have a chat with me, Caroline Mitchell, to see how I can help you then call me on 07850 557071, view the  SG Marketing website at or email :


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