Tips to manage your Marketing Distribution Lists

Posted on July 9, 2013 · Posted in Tips & Advice

5 Tips to manage your Marketing Distribution Lists

1. Validate and Verify your Marketing Lists.

If you do buy mailing lists for marketing, make sure you trust the list provider and the quality of the data provided. Or, if the data is to be refreshed and validated, again, check how this is being undertaken. And, ask the fundamental question: can I use it for marketing purposes, and if so, how? It’s quite simple really, if the quality of the data used is old, out of date and not legally compliant, it’s your reputation that is at stake.

2. Keep it up to date.

The average list has a shelf life of approximately six weeks before holes start to appear and the integrity of the list is compromised. Now, more than ever this has become worse as staff changes and movements are common place. So, either put the research in yourself or, ensure this is done for you.

3. Obtain consent for emailing.

In order to stay compliant of legislation and EU Directives, the data must be obtained in a legal and honest manner. Is it or are you just looking at the price? If it’s cheap, it may not be fit for purpose and again, it’s your reputation that will be compromised.

4. Email and mailing lists.

Not all of the list will be buying all of your product at the same time, so it may be beneficial to filter both the email and the mailing lists.

5. Respect the recipient’s preferences.

If they have said they want details mailed, then that is what they want and it may be you have a hybrid situation where you market with both a mailing and an emailing list.