Top 5 Property Marketing tips

Posted on July 30, 2013 · Posted in Tips & Advice

5 Best Property Marketing Tips

Validate that contact list.

Of all the best property marketing tips, this is the route of total success or failure.  How old is the data?  In today’s world, the speed of degradation is very quick.  Truly, if this is not up to date, all use of it can be a criminal waste of time energy and money.  Keep it in the best order possible, time spent here can really reap serious commercial reward.  If you don’t have the time, talk to someone who knows what they are doing

Get a Mobile Site.

Up to 45% of smartphone users browse when on the move.  To not have a site that can be  viewed on a mobile or tablet platform can mean you don’t reach your target audience.  If the site is simply too big to download, cumbersome, they are gone, gone, gone. If you have an opportunity a good property marketing tips making your website responsive is an excellent alternative.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Yes, the website has to say what you want it to say and market the property you are marketing, but do the research as you also need to be seen.  Accept the fact, you may need help on this one.


Did you know that 30% of daily internet surfers will read one blog per day?  Are you there, or is it simply something that you think you don’t have time to do?  Think about what is of interest to your target audience and will keep them coming back for more.


Keep in touch with your customer base and give them free tips, advice and latest industry movements to bump you up to the top of their Wish List.

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